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Instructional DVDs With Fabulous Content

This page contains Instructional DVDs that will enhance your skills and attributes in the martial arts as well as improve your physical fitness level.  The training methods shown in these instructional DVDs come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.  Armed and unarmed methods are clearly displayed to give you a well-rounded view of what martial arts training has to offer. 

New Martial Arts and Fitness instructional DVDs will be added periodically.
David Hatch does a beautiful job on these Balintawak DVDs.

David's breakdown of the material is a good "step by step", easy to follow presentation.

I highly recommend this set of Balintawak DVDs to anyone interested in the Filipino Martial arts, and in particular the Balintawak System.

Dan Inosanto

Founder / Head Instructor
the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts
Marina del Rey, California