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Boxing Gloves - impacting bagMany of us like to learn self-defense or a martial art but are concerned about injuries. has found that one way to greatly reduce injuries is by having good hand protection. Whether you just hit punching bags, focus mitts, or sparring with a partner, your hand protection is vital. We ensure customer satisfaction with all of our orders, and remember that your order with are secure.
The following product categories are available on our web site.

We offer 16 oz. boxing gloves, 14 oz. boxing gloves, and 12 oz. boxing gloves with and without laces. With the latest technology, these gloves have a heavy contour of injection molded polyurethane foam padding around the knuckles tapered down to the wrist. This provides outstanding protection to your hands during sparring practice. have black boxing gloves and blue / black boxing gloves that give a professional look.

The bag gloves come in leather outer material with molded foam making them form fitting, comfortable, and most durable glove on the market. They have extra long cuff and available with a wrap around hook and loop wrist strap or the traditional slip on. Ultralight vinyl gloves are also available. We also have hand wraps available for you for added protection.


The cardio kickboxing gloves are specially formulated synthetic leather on the outer material. Different weight sizes allows you the choice to add intensity and uniqueness to your cardio training.

Mixed Martial Arts gloves (also known as grappling gloves) are light weight boxing gloves that allow you more flexibility with your hands for grabbing as well as striking. Our MMA gloves are double stitched with high density foam in a leather covering.

We offer a variety of instructional DVDs that will enhance your skills, maintain and improve your physical fitness.

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