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Boxing Gloves with and without Laces

Boxing Gloves - BoxerTraditionally, training gloves have been made out of sheets of foam padding, glued together and manually contoured to the shape of the fist and thumb to make them form fitting and as safe as possible. These layers of padding have been often advertised as a safety feature, implying that the more the layers of foam, the safer the glove. Well, that is no longer true in this age of ever changing technology. Super safety training gloves have a heavy contour of injection molded polyurethane foam padding at the knuckles gradually tapering towards the fingers and wrist. This padding system makes these gloves the safest sparring gloves in the market. The padding on all weights remains the same as also the density and softness of the padding. The weight is altered by varying the chemical composition only. This feature is unique to these gloves. Most other brands use lesser padding on lighter weight gloves, thereby compromising the safety.

We offer boxing gloves for sale including 16 oz. boxing gloves, 14 oz. boxing gloves, and 12 oz boxing gloves with and without laces. Providing outstanding protection to your hands during sparring practice, offer black boxing gloves and blue / black boxing gloves that give a professional look.

Prices listed are per pair.