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MMA Gloves

MMA Gloves - MMA fighterWith the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts competitions seen on television, the demand for a fingerless boxing glove is growing. Knuckle protection is still wanted, however to be able to apply locking, throwing, and choking, the standard boxing glove is very limited. MMA gloves are the new generation glove to meet the demands of a new method of fighting popularity.

Mixed Martial Arts gloves (also known as grappling gloves or MMA gloves) are light weight boxing gloves that allow you more flexibility with your hands for grabbing as well as striking. The MMA fighting gloves are double stitched with high density foam in a leather covering.

We also have a unique fingerless boxing glove design ideal for grappling or stick fighting. They are snug and flexible elastic mesh open-finger glove with double-stitched high-density foam-stuffed leather pads. Additional padding around thumb with Velcro® wrist closure. They are not a bulky as thicker MMA glove, and offer you greater flexibility in attaining a tight grip for applying locks.

In addition, we have the highest quality Jujitsu gloves on the market today. They are made of lightweight material, and are so flexible it makes grabbing easy. Designed by World Champion Ernie Boggs- you can be sure you aren't settling for second best!

Prices are per pair.