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What if the product is damaged?

If the product is damaged due to shipping, contact the carrier. See the Damaged Goods Policy for further information on defective products.

What if the product is not what you ordered?

Contact us at 734-3836161 before sending the product back. Refer to the Return Policy for further information.
There will be a charge of 20% for restocking fee. Make sure you order correctly.

How do you ship, and how much does it cost?

Items will be shipped UPS. See the Shipping Policy to see the pricing structure for shipping and handling. Pricing structure is based on the amount of your order.

Will these gloves prevent injury?

Boxing and martial arts are contact sports. use of products from out web site may provide a degree of safety. However, they are not warranted to prevent injury. User assumes all risk of serious/fatal injuries.


Do I need to be registered with Pay Pal in order to use my credit card?

No.  You do not have to  be registered with Pay Pal to use your credit card.  When you click on the Pay Pal icon, you will be transfered to Pay Pal's site.  There you will have a choice of using your credit card, or (if you are registered with Pay Pal) sign-in and use your Pay Pal account.  after you are finished with your transaction, you can return to our website.