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Bag Gloves and Hand Wraps

Boxer hitting bag with Bag GlovesThe boxing heavy bag gloves come in leather outer material with injection molded foam padding technology that now goes beyond sparring gloves, to bring you the finest quality bag boxing gloves. We bring you pro series super bag boxing gloves in molded foam padding without altering the shape or size of the padding. The weight of the glove is changed only by adjusting the chemical composition of the foam. And because it is made from molded foam, these bag boxing gloves are the most comfortable, form fitting, shock absorbing and at the same time most durable bag boxing gloves in the market.

They have extra long cuff and available with a wrap around hook & loop wrist strap or the traditional slip on. Bag boxing gloves give you that added protection from the powerful blows you dish out on the bag.

For additional protection and support, we have hand wraps that are made of 100% herringbone/weaved cotton, with an adjustable velcro closure and four color choices. If you are training for long periods and countless repetitions on heavy bag, boxing hand wraps are essential to prevent wrist sprains. In addition, hand wraps support the structure of your hand to protect the knuckles.

All prices are per pair.