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Cardio Kickboxing Gloves

Female Kickboxer with cardio glovesCardio kickboxing is still a popular training method used today. Training to music is one of the key methods used by the late Bruce Lee to develop a sense of timing and rhythm. As you develop your sense of timing, during your cardio kickboxing training, you will eventually develop the ability to break the rhythm of a fighter. This is one of the higher levels of kickboxing.

The cardio kickboxing gloves are specially formulated synthetic leather on the outer material. With 10oz, 12oz & 14oz weight sizes, Our training gloves add intensity and uniqueness to standard cardio kickboxing and brings out the feel of being a fighter in the ring. These kick boxing gloves do the crucial job of capturing the essence of boxing and help you maintain variety in your cardio kickboxing training. In addition, you will feel safe when training with a partner. Have you ever had the experience of training with a partner without hand protection and end up having your hands, knuckles, and/or fingers bruised? No more worries of hurting your knuckles or fingers when wearing our training gloves.

We have black boxing gloves and red boxing gloves that give you that professional look.

Prices are per pair.