Balintawak Eskrima Volume One

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Balintawak Eskrima Volume One
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Here is the first volume of a step-by-step instruction on how you can learn the Balintawak method of Eskrima (a single stick system of martial arts). The basics and fundamentals shown have been passed on down from the founder of the Balintawak System, Anciong Bacon, as it was developed in the Philippines. In Volume One, David Hatch shows and explains the basics and fundamentals of Balintawak Eskrima as it was taught to him from Ted Buot. Mr. Buot is a direct student of Anciong Bacon, and taught Balintawak for Anciong in the Philippines. Ted Buot is the first person to bring the art of Balintawak from the Philippines to the United States in the 1970s.
Features Benefits
Clear Captions Easy to read and understand the terminology and key points of the system.
Close-up Video Clear pictures of the detailed hand motions.
Step-by-Step Instruction Detailed descriptions on how to improve your abilities to the next level.